Merry Christmas in July!

How good is Christmas? I feel that everyone is happy around Christmas time, whether that be legitimate Christmas in December Christmas, or even Christmas in July Christmas. My friends and I always go to an effort to celebrate, but this year Christmas in July was very special. Picture this –  nibbles galore, (we all know they’re the best part) three amazing roast meats, roast vegetables, bon bons, party hats, tinsel and even mulled wine! It wasn’t just like Christmas, it WAS Christmas! Longfield St, you did well.

Attending Christmas in July was somewhat controversial in my various households for a number of reasons. 1 – I don’t actually live in Melbourne, and in my new normal, I don’t just drive there by myself, someone has to take me. 2 – Day four of treatment so far has proven to suck, a lot, apparantly last time I even turned blue. Day four happened to coincide with the celebration of Christmas. 3 – Those of you who have seen me would have noticed that I am now constantly wrapped in cotton wool, and live in a germ free, infection free, bubble.

My lack of independence has by far been the most difficult factor in my new normality. I remember back to my first day of school, my six year old sister was sick that day so Mum wasn’t able to walk me in. I didn’t mind at all. I hopped out of the car, walked around to my classroom, and made myself at home. No tears, no long cuddles, I was happy to do it on my own. I was the first and only one in my family to move away from home, and then the first of my friends to head back to the country. Point being, I’ve always been content to do my own thing, in my own time. But in my new normal, I don’t get to live on my own, make my own plans, or do things for myself. Plans tend to be more of a rough option, rather than concrete, as all it takes is a headspin for me to be out of action. Being dependant on others, mainly Mother, has taken a bit of getting used to. I find myself saying “I’m an adult, I live on my own, I can do it.” quite loudly in single syllables reguarly. While I write this and “reflect” on my weekend in Melbourne, it gives me a funny feeling of deja vu, and reminded me of being 16 again. When I was at school, the odd weekend without parents in Melbourne meant that I had to stay with a family member, have a specific reason for my visit and all tranport prearranged, and approved. It was a similar situation on the weekend.

Through said negotiations with Mother, it honestly felt as if going to the party on the weekend was the only thing in life that I cared about. But at the time, it was! Some may say you get over a fear of missing out, (fomo as the kids call it these days,) but I never have, and in my new normal, any chance I get to have fun with friends – I’m bloody taking. So as per the situation when I was 16, I managed to get my own way, and have two nights away from the parents. Thats right, I got to go to a SLEEPOVER! Mum dropped me off on Friday, my bags were packed, I hadn’t forgotten a thing, and then I was dropped off again Sunday morning. Filling in the gaps, this means that my grown up Christmas in July weekend in Melbourne was supervised from a 10km distance, just incase something popped my germ free, infection free bubble. .

Sleepovers back in the day consisted of prank calls, taking photos, eating stacks of food, and talking all night. My weekend was pretty similar, minus the prank calls and the photos, and with the addition of a lovely glass of red. It was Christmas after all…p>

Like any true 16 year old, I had just had “like, the best weekend ever,” and it was time for the drive back to Mildura, which by the way I swear is getting further and further away from Melbourne – someone should really look into that. On this trip I was able to determine that:

  • No adult (despite their medical status and consequential behaviours) should ever have to sit in the back seat of a car for that long.
  • Cream Caramels are infact the best kind of Werther’s Orginal
  • Everyone (both my 16 year old students, and teaching collegues) was to be going back to school tomorrow, where I should be, but instead I shall continue on making do with my new normal and sharing my silly little ideas and stories with you all.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas in July!

  1. How r things goin ? That was a big vent, hope u r better for writing ur blog. Its hard when u feel people r wrapping u in cotton wool, maybe they care too much ? How much is too much? U do need to b in the germ free zone though, u get 1 person come n c u with a cough n u will b down n have to build urself back up, n it takes awhile when ur immune system is not where it should b. Try n look at the big picture n c everyone wants the best outcome for u, n they probably try too hard( not a bad thing) there is a lot of luv around u, i would do the same i guess. Maybe u should write a silly wish list n put things on there that, r not too important but what u want, like, b dropped off at friends for a coffee for an hr, eat lollies in bed at 2 am, go somewhere u want alone but a sml time limit, just start little though. Anyway my ideas may b naughty so i better stop. Luv u dearly n would luv to come to Mildura n spend w’end soon. Things r always busy here, i luv goin dancin, luv my job, n my grandbaby is just beautiful. Wow think my reply too long, whos writing this blog , ha ha xxxooo

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