Looking Good? and an extra day of Feeling Better.

Another week, another trip to Ballarat. I come to you live from a hospital bed, reunited with my IV buddy, and gearing up for treatment number four. Treatment had to be pushed back a day due to a gastro outbreak in the the ward, (pleasant, I know) however this was music to my ears when they called on Monday; as it meant another day of feeling good. WOOHOO! Not only do I get to enjoy Offspring tonight without my brain thumping against my skull, but I got to go to training last night. I think it was the most excited I had been yet throughout this whole debacle. Even though I was walking instead of running, and my feet stayed firmly planted on the floor, it was good to be able to do something from my old routine and be back in the netball shed doing what I could. I never imagined that I would be happily doing star jumps with a beanie on as the other girls tackled something ridiculous, and smiling as I struggled through what felt like my 6000th squat, that I promise you, was not all that low. Even if I was just pretending to train, I bloody loved it.

So back to being in hospital…  today was my long awaited Look Good, Feel Better session. As the name suggests, apparently when you look good, you automatically feel better. My lovely nurse Liz was very good to me, and arranged my very own private session. My sister Bec drove herself and Nonna down for the day to come and play, and play we did! I knew I would be in for a freebie or two, but you should see the goodies I got! I must say, if cancer was to have any perks, it has to be free makeup. They should call it Get Freebies, Feel Better, because that alone did the trick! In all seriousness I am very grateful for the people from all sorts of organisations such as Look Good, Feel Better, that give up their time to spend it with people like me. They have the kindest hearts and it is very special to receive.

I’ve been hairless for almost two weeks now, and in that time have alternated between a hat, wig and a multitude of beanies. Today I played with a few other options, have a look and see..



7 thoughts on “Looking Good? and an extra day of Feeling Better.

  1. Love love love the photos!! I’m a stalker and saved them to my phone! Sorry I couldn’t be there today xxx

  2. Rach, I love love love reading all of these, and you have never looked more beautiful than in all of these photos. Your spirit and inner light is just shining through. You are the most courageous person I know and I miss you. I hope this round is kind to you. Love you, Jane

  3. Loveeeee the cool Jamaican like look, you babe! So good to hear that you got to go back to doing what you love for a night! Don’t worry soon you will be back out their for real and ripping up the court! Love following this rach, see you tomorrow xoxo

  4. Hey Rachel, I agree. Jamaican is definitely your look. YOu make me feel guilty about training full stop. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. I pretend to train also and confess probably don’t have a smile on my face…more like a grimace. Take all the bonuses you can.

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