Sorry, I was asleep.

So it has been a little while since my last post, and in real life I would have a bunch of things that I’ve been up to. Not the case nowdays. I can tell you what I’ve been doing though, since last Friday when I got out of hospital… I’ve been asleep. Seriously, all day every day I get around in my PJs, sometimes I make the big move from the bed to the couch; and other times I get up, have breakfast, go back to sleep. I’m still getting used to this being ok, but it seems to be working pretty well.

I’m glad to report that this treatment has been the easiest and most comfortable yet. The one prior to this was quite difficult, so my lovely nurses and told George, (he’s my oncologist, my vocab does not extend enough to describe how amazing he is.) who arranged another pre-med, to sort out the other pre-meds. It was like magic, I slept the whole way through chemo and woke without a headache! This was how I discovered the magic abilities of sleeping, if I sleep all the time, I feel good.

On the following Saturday (aka Day 3) my sisters and I were going to see the beautiful Jessica Littore make her deb. Whilst I was under no pressure, and if I wasn’t feeling well I was prepared not to be able to go, but my fear of missing out kicked in.. and I wasn’t missing this. To prepare, I got an early night the night before, and continued that early night all through out the day, eventually getting up, at 4.30pm. I lasted all night! I was so proud of my stunning cousin, she was so beautiful. I danced with my Nonno and had lots of fun. This was a good lesson to learn, sleeping all day works wonders.

In an effort to continue to feel good, I continued to sleep. I want to give you a run down of things in the last week that I have slept through:

1-Phone calls from family and friends

2-Visits from friends

3-Going to see Dad

4-Appointments with various organisations

5-Lunch (don’t worry, I know its a big deal, and I make up for this)

I also have to apoligise for the many text messages, emails, phone calls etc. that I am yet to respond to. I have been asleep, I’ll get there, promise!



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