Ten things I can get away with

Nonna told me after my first week of treatment, that if I was clever I wouldn’t let anyone know when I head into remission. Laughing is far better than crying, and I laugh my head off about my unique ability to get away with the following:

1 – I’m allowed to watch Australia’s Greatest Bake Off, every week, and I bloody love it. Don’t make fun of me, I have cancer.

2- I have done very mininal washing and cleaning in the last ten weeks. Mum comes to visit me and make sure I’m ok, and just throws on a load. I don’t ask her to, she just beats me to it. On’ya Mum!

3- I always get to sit in the front seat. This is a massive priviledge as Bec has ruled the front seat of the car since she was about 12. She also likes it when she “has” to take me somewhere because we get to take Dad’s car. Winning!

4 – I need to add another show to my sophisticated list of television programs, and I must say that somedays it is my reason to get out of bed, and that would be One Tree Hill on 111 Hits at 10am. It’s not sad, its addictive, and I watch it everyday.

5 – Scabbing free haircuts. I’ve always found it unfair that boys can just get their friends to cut their hair, and girls have to pay big money to get it done. When your hair is falling out however, this rule doesn’t apply, and my lovely friends come to the rescue. What I didn’t plan on happening is the parts that aren’t falling out are actually growing, and quickly. I’m sussing out who could potentially be my next hairdresser, be warned, if you own clippers, it could be you.

6 – So those of you who aren’t familiar with Boris, you’re about to be. He is probably the cutest dog ever. Normally, I’m a fan of outside dogs, however Boris manages to somehow win me over. He snuggles next to me on the couch and is just so soft! I am far from a creepy animal person who sends photos of their pets to everyone, as I only send the cute photos to people I think genuinely care what Boris is up to at various parts of the day. Don’t make fun of me, I have cancer.

7- Snapchat is the bomb. You may already know I think this because I send you multiple snapchats a day, of myself, at my absolute best. It’s not annoying, I know you all enjoy them.

8 – Online shopping is a serious time consuming habit, that I just can’t seem to shake. It is also incredibly unhealthy for my wallet. Therefore, in order to get my fix, I find it is very fore filling, to add things to my basket, yet never actually buy them. It meets the need, I like it.

9 – Another time consuming hobby I have picked up, and can get away with is monitoring the rate at which my hair is falling out. This requires a few inspections a day, and sometimes requires me to let the hair on my legs just grow so I can see if they’re disappearing or not. Ok, so I’ll be honest, I have shaved my legs probably twice in 10 weeks. Don’t cringe, it’s winter I guarantee you that I’m not the only one.

10 – Napping. Any fully fledged adult, that works full time, can not get away with sleeping during the day. I can. Naps before lunch, naps after lunch. Naps in bed, naps on the couch. Napping is fantastic. Sometimes I do it just to pass the time, othertimes I legitimately can’t hold my head up anymore. Meh, why not, I can get away with it!


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