Half Time Show

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Half time at the footy is always a significant point in the game, (and hopefully the Pies are up at this stage.) When I was younger I used to look forward to it because that’s when you could get chips and a drink; when I was at uni and working at Etihad, I looked forward to it because it meant my shift was nearly over; and now  it means I can head to the bar without feeling like I hadn’t watched enough of the football.

I’ve been looking forward to the end of cycle three for what feels like a really long time. I’ve been having chemo for three months, and my body needs a bit of a break from being pumped with chemicals. A bit of a break equals at least ten days, as I go to get all my scans done again at the end of next week, and chat to George about the plan from here.

I have been chuffed all week, on such a high. I had a few appointments in Melbourne, so I have spent the week catching up with people, and bed hopping between all my favourite houses. According to Ailish, halfway is better than a birthday and so we celebrated by going down to the Peninsula Springs. It was lovely, and for the rest of the day I was in such a state of zen, (except for the awkward turkish bath moment, there was nothing zen about that..) We then trecked into Sorrento and endulged ourselves in one of the biggest vanilla slices I’ve ever seen, (each, none of this sharing biso) then strolled along the beach. Was very cute of us, until it started to rain and I had to huff and puff back up the hill to the car.

Much like being at the footy, I’m trying to keep a lid on my excitement until I see George next week, I do not want a North Melbourne situation on my hands. It is pretty easy to start staring at the light at the end of the tunnel; some days have really dragged, but on the whole, three months have passed very quickly. If my counting works out to be correct, I should be done with treatment around Christmas time.

So, keeping my head in the game and not getting carried away with the score, I’m going to enjoy my half time break, buy some chips, head to the bar, and do some things I enjoy before carrying on with treatment, (hopefully) in a couple of weeks.



4 thoughts on “Half Time Show

  1. Wow, 3 mths already, luv reading ur blog n hope it helps u n others see what its like. U have been super strong. I hope when the game is over round xmas time u can hear the fat lady sing, the game is over n u r C free. N pick up where u left off 6 mths ago. Enjoy life n b happy. Luv u dearly , Auntie Judy xx

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