‘Twas the night before chemo

‘Twas the night before chemo and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…

This does not in anyway apply to Tena Avenue, as Ryan cleans his golf clubs, Mum helps me make biscuits and Austar runs in the background for everybody’s enjoyment. Mum came to Horsham early because of the school holidays, so we took advantage of some spare time and headed to Halls Gap for a walk. Some may have called it a hike, especially if they saw Mum walking around in a heavy duty rain coat and wearing a backpack, but I am sticking with referring to it as a walk. After an early lunch, (emphasis on early as our selections were limited to the breakfast menu) we headed to Rup for a massgage from Sue; and I loved it!

I have been anticipating starting treatment again since I got the good news from George; however it has been postponed not once, but twice, for reasons outside my control. I didn’t really mind as it meant that I felt well for longer, however I am really hoping that once the ball starts rolling, that it doesn’t stop. That will mean that my last chemo treatment will be on December 10, that’s 70 days, and for all those Christmas lovers out there, it means there are only 85 sleeps until the fat man is going to squeeze down your chimney. YAY!

So it’s the night before chemo and what am I doing? Trying not to freak out. I still find chemo quite scary and confronting. I’ve tried to be well prepped, food is ready for when I come home and have the appetite of a monster, sheets are clean so I can spend the next two to five days in bed, and my room will be clean, it will be clean, it will be clean..

That’s where I’m at. This time tomorrow I’ll be one down, five to go. 69 days and counting!


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