Lipstick Lady

I did it! Today I was getting ready for school and I decided to ditch the scarf. I’ve been out and about a little bit without it, playing basketball and when I’ve been in Melbourne and Sydney, but I wasn’t confident enough to do it at school.

I’ve never been able to let go of losing my hair. I feel like hair, even short hair, is part of what makes you a woman. It’s no secret that my confidence disappeared the moment I lost it. It sounds vain and superficial when I write it, but the truth is I didn’t realise how important my long locks were to me, until I didn’t have them. Many of my friends have told me that I look fine, but looking fine and feeling good are two very different things.

I was explaining this to Yumi in Sydney last week, and being the wise friend that she is, she suggested that I invested in a new lipstick. A good one, that was fun and bright, and that made me feel feminine again. So I did. I tell you what, a new lipstick works wonders. They’re seriously magic. I might have short, thin hair; but with bright lippy on, at least I feel confident enough to embrace my current look.

So today I did it. I didn’t cover up; and now that I’ve done it, I can say it wasn’t that bad. I might even wear a bare head tomorrow.

PS If anyone ever needs a scarf, I have a pretty awesome collection.

image (6)<


10 thoughts on “Lipstick Lady

  1. Hey Rach you are a girl after my own heart!! Doesn’t matter how anything else looks if I have my lippy on I can take on the world. When I was at college lippy was the BEST distraction for a giant zit. I have your Mumma into lippy although she has slipped a bit lately xxxxxxxx

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