Midnight Rants

I’ve been waiting for this day to come, another day three where I felt good and could function as a fully fledged human again. And today I did! I went to work, ran some errands, had a good day. I also then came home and tucked myself into bed at the tired time of 7.15pm. It is now 11.32pm and I am wide awake. Welcome to my sleeping patterns.

I have never been good at sleeping, and I tend to roll with permanent black bags under my eyes, that even concealer can’t hide. I say thank god for glasses! When I was at uni, I used to thrive of six hours sleep. When I started working I needed a lot more, and could never get enough. Thanks cancer. These days, I have no rules, I sleep when I want. If that means during lunch time in the sick bay, then that is what it means. And I’ve done it. Along with this ‘bad at sleeping’ trait comes the inability to sleep in. If I had it my way, I’d roll with the sun, go to bed and get up at the same time everyday. But evey morning, no matter what time I got to sleep, I seem to meet 6am. I don’t hate it though, it is actually really good for sneaking in that one TV show a day, keeps me up to date.

So now that I have bored you with the intricate details of my sleeping habits, I want to show you something Ryan found. I found it just now as I was browsing facie, trying to get myself back to sleep. This is the cutest little kid, so many wise words! I love him, he is great. I have watched a lot of YouTube, and read many blogs during the past almost six months, and I would have to say that this is up there with my favs. So damn cute! He gives me the warm and fuzzys.

Stick out the three minutes, you’ll be glad you did.


4 thoughts on “Midnight Rants

  1. sleeping 8 hrs straight is not in my life either, (for past 10yrs at least) I sleep 4 hrs a nite, n ive not been sick.Quite annoying though , hey. Gd that u can sleep when u want though, im sure some teachers wish they could join u in sick room for a lil nap. Not long to go now, hope you have been ok in between ur treatment, luv n miss you xxx

  2. Hey Rach,
    Yes – I am another one in the family that has ‘unusual’ sleeping patterns, so given yesterday was your last treatment I decided to read through the last six months of your blog. I know you don’t like to be called brave or inspiring but the choices you have made and the mindset that you have maintained will help so many other people be brave and inspiring. Your blog has allowed others to understand your journey as you recover from cancer, but it has also been about taking one day at a time and embracing every opportunity that life presents. That has always been your strength and this strength influences others – those who read your blog and those who have the privilege of knowing you.You have lived with chemotherapy and continued to have a full and busy life, always demonstrating courage and integrity. I love how you acknowledge the difference others have made to your recovery over the past six months. I just wanted to sneak this opportunity to tell the world how very proud I am of you. Over the years I was committed to raising three ‘strong independent women’ and throughout the last six months you,Claire and Bec have been all of that plus more. To all of your friends who have been so supportive, who demonstrated so much love and so many true qualities of friendship, this is my chance to say to each and every one of them a heartfelt – THANK YOU! Have a great life beautiful girl and continue to make a difference! Love Mum

  3. Glad your last day of treatment has come, at least you can look forward to a nice break, xmas with luv’d ones, 2014 is a new year, let’s hope its a good one for u & all we know. luv u, n gotta say very proud of you for being so honest n sharing your journey with everyone. B proud of yourself & time move on n b happy n live life to the fullest. c u afta xmas xxx

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